StarrGates Business Communications


"Caryn is the consummate 'wordsmith.' Her creative and
out-of-the box ideas allow her to craft press releases that successfully bring about the recognition and visibility necessary to not only get the word out, but to most importantly help build business and generate clients. She is truly an expert in her field, literally bringing words to life and
I highly and without reservation recommend her!" - B.F.
"Caryn's work has had a direct impact on my results. She honed right in on the message I was trying to convey, articulated it in a way that reached the audience and got it published in all the right places. Caryn is professional, gets the job done quickly and has kept me focused on impactful strategies and tactics. If you are looking to increase your visibility, clearly convey your message and get results, I highly recommend Caryn." - M.M.
"Caryn is a joy to work with. (She) recently wrote some marketing copy for one of my clients and my client couldn't say enough good things about her work. Anyone hiring Caryn just can't go wrong!" - N.H. "Caryn is a delight to work with. She listens to her clients and offers out-of-the-box ideas to market our brand. She delivers on time, and go beyond that extra step to help our business grows."
- E.L.Z.
"Caryn is a delight to work with and her professionalism is a chart topper. She has tremendous research capabilities to get the job done and done well. She is my number one copywriter and public relations specialist. Look no more and utilize her skills." - J.P. ". . . Caryn is an expert in her area and easy to work with. She is always looking out for the client's best interest (her wheels are always turning). She appears when you least expect it because she has a great idea. I love working with Caryn. Awesome customer service!" - L.P.W.
"Caryn has an eagle eye for finding the nuggets of newsworthiness and for honing in on the corporate message and unique selling propositions. If there is a story to be told, Caryn will discover and write it in a high-level, compelling, and pithy manner and get it published. She is also a captivating public relations coach, editor and speaker, so if you need to elevate the caliber of your business, marketing or PR, hire Caryn." - B.T. "Working with Caryn is a collaborative delight. Her understanding
of [our] mission and vision is clearly reflected in all the communications materials she creates for us. Incorporating her stimulating ideas has raised the bar in terms of our web presence and we have already experienced a tangible difference in the growth of our network. Her professionalism, availability and responsiveness make for an effortless relationship. We look
forward to partnering with Caryn for years to come!" - D.F.
"Caryn is simply AMAZING. She is definitely the "go-to" person for countless situations, and her suggestions, referrals, and solutions are always "spot on." When she writes about you and your company, you know that the reading public will "get you" in a flash. She is an excellent communicator and her timing is perfect. Have I mentioned that Caryn is always incredibly fun and creative? Never a dull moment. Thanks, Caryn!" - V.V.A. "Caryn is the person to turn to when you want something DONE, done now, and done right. She tells it like it is, looks out for your best interests, and makes you a star(r). Want to grow your business? Hire Caryn!" - G.G.