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There Are Many Ways To Showcase What You Do, What You Know, And How To Sell Yourself 

Marketing servicesMerriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines marketing as “the process or technique of promoting, selling and distributing a product or service.” 

That’s where we come in. 

At StarrGates Business Communications, we turn that idea into communication that meets your goals. We create your brand through consistent and well thought-out communication. We pair great copy with compelling visuals. And we position your product or service so you stand out in your field. 

Website, Social Media, and Blog Copy 

The first place many people search for a business or product is the internet. That’s why it’s so important to have a strong online presence that promotes your product or service in a way that’s highly searchable, informational and that delivers value to the reader. 

At SGBC we know that a well-designed website must be supported by clear, crisp copy that’s easy for people to read and for search engines to find. We can work with your website designer to develop your site architecture, and we’ll research your business or industry so we can write copy that’s organic, optimized for search engines, and that sells. 

Social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are the marketplace and meeting place for many buyers and sellers. It’s critical for many companies to stay in front of their audiences with discussion topics, updates, announcements, contests and blogs. We can create your social media or blog content from scratch or polish your rough drafts ‘til they shine. 

Email Marketing, from Newsletters to Campaigns 

Stay in touch with clients by sending them an email newsletter packed with information and interesting tidbits. Or promote a product or service through a focused email advertising campaign. Either way, StarrGates Business Communications will create email communication that delivers your message strategically and supports your brand. 

Sales and Marketing Materials 

StarrGates Business Communications acts as your virtual in-house marketing department. We’ll write your product and service descriptions, sales presentation books, brochures and point-of-sale materials to promote your business wherever it’s needed. From an author’s newest book to a new restaurant opening, from a spa’s latest luxurious services to a company’s image piece, our print collateral capabilities include: 

• Posters 
• Service guides 
• Table tents 
• Menus 
• Newsletters 
• Promotional inserts
• Book jacket copy 
• Booklets 
• Media kits 
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